Dyno Tuning

 We offer a complete range of Dyno Services. From a quick run to satisfy your curiosity, to creating and testing full custom maps to maximize the performance of your machine we provide complete Dynojet Approved Tuning Center resources.

Do-It-Yourself Curiosity Satisfier:

 Are you the type of person who likes to work on your own stuff and now want to find out what kind of power you are making? Schedule a run and for only $30 you will find out!

Dyno Diagnostic

The base run is $50.00. This diagnostic takes readings of air/fuel ratio, speed, and horsepower and to locate any problem areas. We also do a range of tests that will determine if there is power to be easily freed up.

Full Custom Map:

 With the full custom we will map every throttle position 0-100 percent, and every rpm from idle to red line in increments of 250 rpm. We promise your bike will never have run better than the day it leaves the shop with a new custom map. Prices start at $300

Jetting Runs:

 We work with the older bikes too. The best way to accurately measure how a bike is running is with a Dyno. We recognize that there are still more carbuerators than EFI bikes and can get your bike "jetted" faster for optimal performance. Vintage bike? No problem. This service generally runs between $250 and $350 total cost.


Are a Do-It-Your-Selfer and want to have a dyno to pull runs while you swap parts, jetting, and maps? You get a dyno, an operator, and expert translation of results.

Call us (815-560-7400) to ask about all of your dyno tuning and package pricing.

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