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PCD and STX Racing Joint Venture

 Performance Cycle & Dyno and STX Racing join in 2018 for what is sure to be a very exciting future for both company`s and for the sport of Mini Sprint Racing.                             

 STX Racing will begin development and manufacture of a new 1000cc Lightning Mini Sprint. 

Old school and new technology come together with this new partnership. The new chassis will be something your use to seeing. This new chassis will not have exotic bends highly offset tubes or fancy linkages. Nor will it be a converted Midget. A true no non-sense design. The Lightning Sprint class is a true stepping stone to full size Sprint Cars. Unlike the 600cc where you have a wide stance low center and driver lay down design, basicly a glorified go-cart with no real world Sprint Car applications. The Lightning teaches you proper blocking, torsion bar suspension set-up, tracking, radius rod placement ect. ect. as to how it applies to Mini Sprint and full size Sprint car racing. This class is just fantastic fast and fun while still keeping costs down.