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PCD offers it's own line of performance products made from only the highest quality materials. v
Reasonably priced? -Yes.       Cheap? -No.
We take pride in both our designs and craftmanship.
It's not just a part. It's art.

Exhaust Pipes

PCD Up-Pipe Pipes: Performance Cycle and Dyno designs our own exhaust systems and manufacture those systems for several makes and models.The line of exhausts will continue to expand as we also will make and tune exhaust for ANY motorcycle at the shop with the use of our own 250i Dynojet Dynometer, tayloring the performance specifically to your discipline of riding.


PCD Up-Pipe

Make, Model, Sytem Details COST
Tadpole Down Pype. Full race, high RPM focus.
Honda: CRF 450: All years, Fuel Injected, or Carbeurated models.
Full System
UP Pype. Broad Power focus.
All modern 4-stroke 250cc and 450cc machines.
5 HP over stock. Full System

Suzuki SV650 Dirt Track Race Pype.
Suzuki SV650 Road Race Pype.
4 more HP and 3 lbs. of torque than any other pipe.

Suzuki SV650 Road Race Pype. $1125.00
EX650 Race Pype $925.00



Cylinder Heads

PCD X HeadX Heads: Need performance! X Heads will provide that performance and are available as retail parts. If you are mechanically cappable this if a cost effective way to get to the front of the pack performance. Our X Head program also gives you the opportunity to send in your head (clean stock heads) and use that credit toward the purchase of your X Head.

Make, Model, Sytem Details COST
X-Head. Performance head. All modern 4-stroke fuel injected and carbuerated modelsavailable.
(stock head swap program available)
Call for Pricing

Top End Kits

PCD Top EndsTop End Kits : Custom top kits or shelf kits, everything you need for a "top end job". Kits available for all makes on modern 250's and 450's and include piston, rings, circlips, and necessary gaskets.

Full Engine Kits : Full engine kits are available both custom kits or shelf kits.


PCD CamsPCD Cams : We offer custom PCD cam grinds changing lift and duration for the best increase perfomance. Varying from lightly modified to extremes that require head work, we have multiple cams for a wide variety of makes and models. We also have Webcam and Megacycle cams available.

Make, Model, Sytem Details COST
Custom PCD Cams $310 and up

For pricing call 815-648- 4440

We plan to aggressively expand our line of products for both performance add-ons as well as our performance "new-part-trade-in" program. So be sure to keep checking back.

DandD M4 ExhaustWe are also an authorized dealer of D&D and M4 Exhaust pipes.